About Me


By Leslie Carter

You are the proud possessor of a well-designed web site meant to promote your business. You have a multi-line phone, a cell phone, a fax and a lot of other cutting-edge gadgets. But unless you know Mike Fendt, you may not yet have learned how make all these elements work together (in the best possible and easiest way) to get your business into high gear.

Mike meets this challenge. He’s an electronic communication optimizer and he can teach you to use all this new stuff in the best possible way. He does so many additional and complementary things, the list might make you dizzy. Here are some of them.

He does photography, video photography, digital photography, web design, web site maintenance and updating, CD production and covers, search engine optimization, computer networks, Power Point presentations, information technology and all of its bells and whistles; he sets up wireless networks, and much more.

Mike’s home during his boyhood summers was Pigeon Lake in western Michigan, one mile down the beach from the setting for the climactic scene in Road to Perdition. His parents still live in the area, at least during the part of the year that they are not in Texas. But Mike lives in Oceanside and not in his former home state because of the weather in San Diego County, the nearness of the water for scuba diving and the mountains for skiing.

He likes his life spontaneous, and survived the closing of Midrange Computing in Carlsbad where he worked for seven years as the video department manager by creating a freelance business around his impressive list of skills.

He got his start with fashion and commercial still photography, and then added video (particularly for weddings) because of its immediacy. Then he got corporate work when he included multimedia, web site developing and CD ROM skills.

“I get most of my clients by referral from satisfied customers,” Mike tells me.

Putting together the web site for Brianna Cara, potential pop star, was “a lot of fun” because it involved using so many of his talents. Brianna is a 14 year-old daughter of a friend, and he thinks that she could be “as big as Brittany Spears.” Mike did the photography and video on the beach and at Petco Park where she was one of the first to sing the National Anthem. He designed and mapped the site and gave it streaming video.

Mike loves to live from challenge to challenge and enjoys his freelance life style. Visit his web site and in addition to the links to some of the web sites he has created, you’ll be able to see his scuba video showing his skilled photography underwater. Call him to give him some work and you will find that you have discovered a computer guy who gives quick, custom, hands-on, personalized attention.